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As you are aware the Indian GST is at its door step Athena has geared up to serve the industry for its implementation in the organization. Mr. Puneet Agrawal is also an active member of the GST committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. It is very important from the beginning that all transactions should be verified from GST prospective and GST implication should be assessed and complied in correct manner. We are Legal Partner of the Companies to implement the GST in following manner:

  • - Analysis each and every transaction of the company from GST point of view.
  • - Identification of Taxable transaction, Exempt transaction.
  • - Identification of specific benefits provided to particular industry or business location.
  • - Identification of Input GST Credit available to the company and best method of its utilization.
  • - Classification of the Product for CGST and SGST.

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